Waste coke gas powering plant

Jenbacher Energiesysteme AG delivered 12 cogeneration modules to the Spanish coke producer, Profusa S.A., for the world`s largest coke gas plant that began operation in late 1995. The gas engines, running on waste gas produced during the production of coke, supply most of Profusa`s electric requirements, drastically reducing the company`s energy costs.

The engines can also be operated on natural gas or a combination of the two, thus compensating for any production-related fluctuations in the coke gas supply. On 100-percent coke gas, the engines can produce 5,640 kW with a 37-percent efficiency.

Running on 60-percent coke gas and 40-percent natural gas, the power output jumps to 6,528 kW while efficiency holds at 37 percent.