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Warsalias Pure Energy plants finding niche in cogeneration

Warsalia`s Pure Energy plants finding niche in cogeneration

Ann Chambers, Associate Editor–Industry News

Warsalia Diesel`s Pure Energy plants, a modular approach to natural gas-fired cogeneration for heat and power, are gaining popularity in developed countries. Warsalia hopes to expand the interest in these plants through the recent introduction of higher output units. The plants are available in five unit sizes, ranging from 1 to 5.5 MW.

Compared to the 27 to 32 percent net electrical efficiency of a similar size gas turbine, the Pure Energy plants boast a 40 to 42 percent efficiency. In cogeneration, heat and power loads can vary a great deal, often very rapidly. Since the Pure Energy plants have a gas engine as prime mover, they are hardly affected by starts and stops or fast load changes.

As emission regulation becomes more stringent in the developed countries, high performance and low emissions are emerging as the leading criteria for new generation projects. The Warsalia plants have a computerized engine control system to allow precise control combustion for optimal performance and emissions according to existing emission legislation. The plants run on Warsalia SG engines, which have a lean-burn, spark-ignited, pre-chamber design with individual cylinder control and monitoring of combustion quality.

The plants are based on standard design concepts. Smaller units can be factory-built as modules, minimizing the site work and cost uncertainties. This means the whole project can be completed in a short time, and the external appearance of the plant can be modified to suit local architectural needs or preferences.

This concept was launched in September 1993, and 84 Pure Energy plants with a total 286 MW have been sold in 18 countries. Deliveries have been based mostly on 1, 2 and 3 MW unit sizes. Development of new engine types has allowed the addition of 4.5 MW and 5.5 MW modules to the portfolio of plant unit sizes, offering high efficiency for cogeneration plants in the 10 to 30 MW range.

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