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Volvo Penta extends range

Volvo Penta extends range

Volvo Penta has launched two new diesel engines for power generation applications, featuring intercoolers and electronic regulation of engine speed. The turbocharged, in-line engines extend the company`s existing 6 to 7 litre range and meet stringent emission limits.

The 7.3 litre TAD740GE and TWD740GE engines combine high power output with low fuel consumption and low emissions. Both develop 250 kVA at 50 Hz in prime power applications and meet the emission limit requirements of EPA/CARB Stage 1 and TA-Luft. The TAD is used for the highest power outputs.

Both of the engines also feature six jet injectors and re-entrant pistons, and are equipped with an electronic system for controlling the engine at precise speeds, an important requirement for power generation applications. The system consists of a sensor that detects engine speed and sends this information to a control unit. The control unit continuously compares the actual speed of the engine with the desired speed and adjusts fuel injection as required.

The main difference between the two engines is the intercooling system. The TAD uses an air-cooling system to cool the charged air between the turbo and the cylinders, while the TWD uses a water cooling system.

Each of the engines has a small footprint, largely due to the compact radiator assembly. This facilitates installation and servicing. The engines are equipped with a full-flow oil system which has low service requirements, while the coolant pump is driven by the crankshaft and is maintenance-free.

The electronic speed regulation offers several advantages, including remote control of engines, automatic synchronization of multiple engines and intelligent load distribution.

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