Voltech`s power analysers improve measurement accuracy

To enable engineers to significantly increase the accuracy of the power measurements that they make during testing of distribution transformers in accordance with IEC76-1 and IEEEC57, Voltech Instruments has developed a series of three-phase power analyzers.

Voltech, winners of the Queen`s Award for Export in 1993, announced the release of the PM3000ACE and PM3300CE, both of which are universal analyzers that resolve the accuracy problems incurred in testing open circuits on power transformers. Each one features an in-built optimized power transformer test mode with a hardware design that guarantees accurate frequency and phase accuracy.

Due to the effect of the low power factor in distribution transformers, the key to ensuring high-accuracy power measurements in loads is to eliminate the phase error in the analogue current and voltage measurement channels.

Voltech`s PM3000ACE and PM3300CE power analyzers incorporate a special current shunt design to achieve this.

This shunt minimizes parasitic inductance and capacitance and, when combined with on-board compensation circuitry, ensures that the current channel provides an identical frequency response to the analogue voltage channel.

Both analogue voltage and current channels are sampled at 150kHz and quantized simultaneously to further enhance measurement accuracy. Featuring basic voltage and current measurement accuracies of +/-0.05 per cent, the power analysers offer phase measurement accuracy to around 0.001 degrees.