Utilities are asset-driven companies that require a flexible and agile workforce to maintain the assets. Being agile involves being able to respond effectively and rapidly to unplanned events. Part of the complication for utility companies is the increasing push to rely more and more on third-party contractors. A foundational function of an agile workforce is giving field-workers the information they need at the point of activity, without adding extra trips to the truck or calls to the office.

Mobile workforce management brings structure to the unstructured parts of field operations. While the asset management and dispatch functions can operate at top efficiency, once the contractors, technicians, operators, and crews hit the field, the picture of effectiveness can become much fuzzier. With a well-implemented mobile workforce management tool, a utility’s operational office can have much closer to real-time visibility into the effectiveness of their workforce and asset plans. Mobile workforce management can be the unifying platform laying the foundation for an agile workforce.


IDC Energy Insights examines what it takes for utility companies to build an agile workforce by detailing the benefits realized from deployment of today’s more sophisticated mobile workforce management applications. IDC Energy Insights draws on recent quantitative studies, conversations with companies deploying mobility solutions, and analyst insights for this document.

IDC Whitepaper: Utility Field Workforce — Building the Agile Workforce:

  • Reveals the benefits of unifying the contractor experience and organic field workforce experience.
  • Provides guidance to utilities companies on success factors for the deployment of field-worker mobility.

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