Uninterruptible power supply sector poised for $1bn boost

The global uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market will grow by $1bn this year, according to new research.

With a growing need to protect sensitive electronic devices from grid power instability, the worldwide UPS sector was worth $7.2bn in 2010. This figure is predicted to hit $8.2bn by the end of this year and will be $13.2bn by 2015, says consulting firm Pike Research.

“Leading UPS vendors are addressing the evolving needs of the market by focusing on greater efficiency, including more transformerless designs,” said Pike Research president Clint Wheelock. “Advances in battery technology are also benefiting UPS products by reducing cost and floorspace requirements.”

Pike Research’s analysis indicates that, in the midst of this market expansion, a handful of well-financed global manufacturers will increase their lead in almost all major markets and are ready to make strategic acquisitions to hold or strengthen their position in key market segments and regions.

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