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UKDEA issues response to DECC heat strategy document

The UK District Energy Association has responded to DECC’s heat strategy document ‘The Future of Heating: A Strategic Framework for Low Carbon Heat in the UK’.

In a statement the UK DEA said: “DECC’s strategy had not at this early stage set out particular policy proposals, instead giving a framework for the decarbonisation of heat.
District Energy
While welcoming the development of heat networks in the UK, as a specific goal of the strategy, the UKDEA consultation response took the opportunity to correct some common misconceptions about district energy and provide DECC with useful evidence to back policy.

In tandem with their consultation response, the UKDEA issued a new Policy Paper to DECC, identifying the huge potential for district energy to decarbonise the UK’s heat.

The group also put forward several suggestions on specific actions that can accelerate the deployment of low carbon district energy, including parity of treatment under the Renewable Heat Incentive.

UKDEA Policy Specialist, Peter Hamnett,
said “The Government’s Heat Strategy provides a positive first step towards decarbonising the nation’s heat and the UKDEA will continue to work hard in helping district energy reach its substantial potential as part of this.”

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