UK’s first windfarm marks 25th anniversary

Britain’s first commercial wind farm today celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Located near the North Cornwall coast in southwest England, Delabole Wind Farm first began generating electricity in 1991 before being bought by independent renewable energy company Good Energy.

Good Energy’s chief executive Juliet Davenport said today: “This is an incredible achievement for the renewable industry ” and a big moment for Delabole.

“Since the turbines started turning, renewable technologies have come a long way, with wind power generating a record-breaking 12 per cent of the UK’s electricity in 2015.

“The success of the wind farm has largely been down to the support of the local community who are the real custodians of this site. It’s thanks to them, and their belief in the project, that has helped make Delabole the perfect model for further wind power developments here in the UK.”

Peter Edwards developed the wind farm in 1991. He said: “After the wind farm started generating in 1991, one of the main criticisms was that the amount we contributed to the National Grid was so insignificant that we shouldn’t have bothered. That’s why it’s so satisfying to see just how far wind energy has come and how it now competes with nuclear.”

Greenpeace Chief Scientist Dr Doug Parr said the wind farm “is a wonderful symbol of the UK seizing the potential of our natural resources. It was a cutting edge project at its inception and since then it has grown, and the wind industry has grown enormously too.

“Onshore wind has become incredibly competitive and deserves more support, especially where communities actively back them. It would really contribute to generating cheaper bills and new jobs in the future if onshore wind, solar and battery storage was given more backing.”

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