Wind power

On-site power generation in the UK’s business sector grew by 53% in 2012, almost all from renewable sources, a new report from electricity supplier Smartest Energy shows.

Wind led the field with over 1.9 GW of capacity from 458 projects, while solar stood at 528 projects totaling 322 MW.

Wind turbine

Commercial-scale on-site power generation grew by 24% (392 projects) last year, the report said, for a total of 2011 projects or 4.7 GW of combined capacity, accounting for 12% of all renewable generation in Great Britain.

The biggest growth was seen in farm-based schemes, with a 74% increase to 347 projects, of which 63% involved wind power.

Manufacturing facilities and commercial premises grew their on-site power by 53%, generating more than £80 million (US$130 million) worth of electricity per year.

Rising energy bills, growing awareness of environmental issues and favourable renewable energy subsidy schemes were cited as factors contributing to the growth.