UK micro-generation pioneer claims technological advance

Ceres Power, a UK-based firm developing gas-fired fuel cell technology for small-scale residential combined heat and power (CHP) applications, claims ‘significant progress’ in cutting power degradation and raising reliability.

With power degradation now at 1% per 1000 hours, Ceres Power (CWR:AIM) claims it is confident of launching for the mass market in 2016.

Ceres Power

Contamination of the fuel processing unit has been confirmed as the cause of 3% power degradation over 1000 hours, observed in stacks running on a reformate mix. Ceres Power says it is now implementing and testing modifications to significantly improve performance.

Hardware and software enhancements have also raised uptime, with CHP products now running at more than 97% availability, said the firm.

Ceres Power aims to launch an integrated wall-mounted residential fuel cell CHP product that can replace conventional boilers, using the same natural gas, waterà‚ and electrical connections and with similar installation andà‚ maintenance requirements.

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