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UK Green Deal delivers boost to on-site power

A new incentive to improve the energy performance of UK homes has been welcomed by advocates of on-site power.

Under the Green Deal, launched on 28 January, UK households can borrow government cash for energy-efficiency measures or on-site power solutions such as solar water heaters or small wind turbines.

evance turbine

All forms of micro-generation could benefit, said John Lang, communications officer of RenewableUK, a trade body for the wind sector.

‘Our view is that it’s quite good for all of them ” all types of micro-generation, including wind,’ he told COSPP.

Loans from the not-for-profit Green Deal Finance Company can be repaid over up to 25 years at a basic interest rate of just under 7%. Early adopters can benefit from cashback offers of more that à‚£1000 ($1570).

Indre Vaizgelaite, RenewableUK’s small and medium wind development manager, highlighted the scheme’s relevance for small wind.

‘The government has specifically identified small wind turbines as part of the solution for hard-pressed bill payers wanting to get a grip on the cost of energy by generating their own clean electricity,’ she said.

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