UK energy industry initiates strategy for Johannesburg

10 April 2002 – Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett today joined leading companies in the UK energy sector in a commitment to the development of an Agenda for Action in preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

The British Prime Minister will be attending the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio + 10) in Johannesburg in September 2002.

Commenting today, Brian Count, Chairman of the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Chief Executive of Innogy, said, “Global issues such as sustainable energy require global solutions. This means strong partnerships between governments, businesses and all the other stakeholders involved. Ratification of the Kyoto Protocol will contribute to the background that will allow industry to plan and invest with confidence – essential for a long term sustainable future.”

Addressing the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy’s conference today, its Chief Executive, David Green said, “Action at home and abroad is vital. In the UK we need consistent delivery of the targets the Government has set itself for the delivery of sustainable energy technologies. Abroad, the UK needs to actively ensure that its own lending programmes, as well as those of the World Bank, positively stimulate the use of sustainable energy – especially in developing economies.”

At the 2001 G8 Summit, the Prime Minster announced, “We will work with the UK Business Council on Sustainable Energy, to develop further initiatives to promote the use of renewable and sustainable energy world-wide.”

Today’s UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy conference is the next stage in this process. The Council provides a new forum for dialogue between the UK energy industry, government and other stakeholders.

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