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UK businesses invest in on-site power, renewables

A new survey has shown that the UK’s biggest companies are investing in on-site power to safeguard against winter blackouts.

The survey follows a recent report by market regulator Ofgem that the UK’s generating capacity is nearly at full stretch. With the planned closure of some coal and nuclear power stations, Ofgem warned that spare capacity could fall from today’s 14% level to just 4% in three years, with a risk of ‘brownouts’ and ‘blackouts’ starting in the winter of 2015-16.

Solar power

Carried out by the Major Energy Users’ Council (MEUC) and Power Efficiency, the survey shows that Britain’s companies are investing in renewable energy (50%) or on-site generation (43%), while 60% say they have plans in place to make a substantial investment in energy efficiency.

Ofgem’s report, Powercut Britain ” Are the lights going out for UK business?, contains the views of 129 major commercial and public sector energy users.

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