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UK awards $3.5 million for heat networks

In a second round of funding by its Heat Networks Delivery Unit, the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change has awarded over à‚£2.1 million (US$3.5 million) to local authorities developing district heating schemes.

The 24 winning municipalities will undertake to provide heating to local homes and businesses using a variety of technologies including energy from waste and recovered industrial heat.

Energy minister Greg Barker said, ‘Heat networks are a defining part of our smarter, cleaner energy future. Local authorities are looking at innovative ways toà‚ supply low-carbon heat to a range of buildings such as multi-storey apartments, office buildings and social housing.’

The remaining à‚£7 million in funding will be allocated through subsequent rounds, running to March 2015.

According to DECC, there are currently around 2000 heat networks in the UK, supplying heat to 200,000 homes and 1500 commercial and public buildings. A further 150 schemes are under development by local authorities.