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Turbine shaft alignment

Turbine shaft alignment

The Straingauge Shaft Alignment (SSA) from ABB was recently demonstrated in the US, reducing the time required for a turbine shaft alignment from days to a matter of hours. Maintaining the proper rotor shaft alignment on a large turbine group contributes to optimum turbine output while reducing the chances of a costly mechanical failure. With the SSA, which can be installed permanently, the rotor alignment can be checked and adjusted wthout dismantling the couplings, thereby gaining valuable time and significantly decreasing the cost of alignment. The complete rotor train is controlled in one measurement to ensure high accuracy and reliablity. The SSA also allows maintenance personnel to check the rotor shaft alignment before and after the adjustment is performed. This makes it easy to check the result of the alignment. The gauges collect strain data simultaneously from various points on the shaft for an analysis that ultimeately leads to proper alignment.

ABB Power Generation Inc.

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