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Trigen in ‘sustainable makeover’ for US retirement community

A multi-million dollar ‘sustainable makeover’ for a retirement and care community in the US is set to include a trigeneration system.

As the project’s centerpiece, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Simpson House (pictured) is to install an ER265UL trigen system from ENER-G Rudox, along with new boilers and chillers for its powerhouse.

ENER-G Rudox and its partners Blue Sky Power and MCFA Global will design, engineer and construct the trigeneration system. The project will be financed through a 20-year contract, under which ENER-G Rudox will fund the system’s construction and maintenance while Simpson House will pay a fixed rate for its power, heat and cooling. à‚ 

The contract guarantees Simpson House around $350,000 in energy savings per year, as well as an expected reduction in its carbon footprint of 300 metric tonnes.

Summer 2016 is the date set for completion of the project.

‘Historically, we’ve found that many senior living communities do not prioritise energy infrastructure upgrades because of economic concerns,’ Blue Sky Power CEO Ben Parvey noted, adding that the project will ‘leverage a combination of technological, financial and regulatory best practices to deliver a solution that benefits the end-user economically, while simultaneously contributing to their organisation’s sustainability goals.’