TransCanada cogeneration plant gets GE boost

TransCanada’s Mackay River industrial cogeneration facility in Alberta has increased its output capacity by 10 per cent and boosted its fuel efficiency by more than 2 percent after hardware and software upgrades from GE.

Commissioned in 2004, the plant features a combustion turbine generator and heat recovery steam generator which produce 165 MW along with 720 tonnes of steam per hour. The plant supplies power to PetroCanada’s Mackay River enchanced oil recovery (EOR) bitumen extraction facility.
Mackay CHP plant
GE’s (NYSE:à‚ GE) upgrades were installed on one natural gas-fired combustion turbine at the plant, reducing emissions by around 1600 tonnes of NOx per year. TransCanada now expects three additional power generating days per year for the plant, which operates nearly 24 hours per day. The company also expects reduced maintenance outages.

Because the bitumen extraction facility uses large quantities of steam, the plant includes one of the world’s largest EOR heat recovery steam generators.à‚ 

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