Three in the running for Macedonian district heating licenses

Skopje, the capital of Macedonia has a current shortlist of three applicants to provide the city’s district heating scheme.

Bids were invited after Skopje-based heating utility Toplifikacija gave up its licence for producing, distributing and supplying heating energy, reportedly due to the lack of financing for this activity.
One bidder is Macedonian company Balkan Energy Group, a subsidiary of Skopje-based TE-TO, which in turn is owned by Russia’s Sintez Group and Toplifikacija.

The second participant comprises the country’s state-owned electricity utilities ELEM (generation) and MEPSO (transmission), which are bidding through three joint companies.

Both candidates are applying for all three activities (production, distribution and supply). The third bidder is Heat Distribution, a Toplifikacija subsidiary, which is applying only for a distribution licence.

The winning bidder will be known by the end of the year.

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