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The Driver’s Guide to Power Plant Services

In today’s complex power industry, a wide range of generation technologies are being called upon to meet evolving needs in new and different ways.

In this era of ongoing transition, a growing number of power producers are adopting new, digital solutions and other upgrades to improve the performance of their existing plants, often well beyond the scope of their original configuration. But sometimes lost in the mix of this technological transformation are the many talented men and women whose finely tuned skills enable the leap from ordinary to extraordinary power plant and fleet performance.

For a parallel in the consumer space, consider the computer industry. As with a new power plant equipped with the latest technology, a new computer can be expected to provide reliable performance for a specified period of time. However, even a flawlessly engineered PC will eventually require upgrading. When that time comes, the decision to go with a highly qualified service provider with the latest technologies, tools and time-tested expertise will largely determine how well and how long your computer runs over its remaining life.

In the case of a power plant, the risk and cost implications of not working with a service provider that can deliver high -quality components, workmanship and even consultative guidance can result in an insufficient return on investment (ROI) and/or cascade of operational issues.

Asking the Right Questions

With a broad range of field services providers, and business models, supporting power generation around the world, how can you ensure you’re making the right choice for your plant(s)? In evaluating the scope of a service provider’s capabilities and their ability to deliver lasting improvements for customers, key questions to ask include:

  • Does the field services provider have a proven track record of servicing your plant’s technology? Especially if you have a mix of OEM brands?
  • Is the provider able to look across your plant to understand how every hour of work on your equipment will impact your overall operation?
  • Does the provider have the resources to respond quickly when emergent needs arise?
  • How do you reconcile short-term decisions on price with long-term asset/operational impact?

When identifying the right field services partner, there is no need to compromise. The right provider can help drive your plant’s operations forward while reducing the likelihood of unplanned service down the road.

The FieldCore* Advantage

To help power plant operators around the world achieve more productive, reliable outcomes, GE has created a new industrial field services company to better serve customers, called FieldCore*. Built from the field up, this new company is structured with the vision of being the world’s premier field services organization.

Formed in 2017, FieldCore is already helping customers enhance their operations around the world: by better allocating resources, enhancing training and improving outage efficiency.

FieldCore’s team is empowered ” as an independent company ” to collaborate and problem-solve with the speed, safety and quality essential to flawless execution. By design, FieldCore can deliver:

  • Standardized, highly efficient processes/planning and next generation tools to help improve outage management.
  • The advantages of a one-stop-shop, coupled with efficient supply chain management, backed by GE’s broad portfolio and global footprint.
  • Deep experience with GE and cross-fleet (other OEM) technologies regardless of asset mix.
  • Services performed with data-driven insights, based on 150+ million hours of operating data, to improve resources, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

FieldCore is a team dedicated to execution and fulfillment, ideally positioned to deliver fast, reliable and cost-efficient field service solutions while elevating value and outcomes over the full lifecycle of customers’ assets.

FieldCore* capabilities: A more complete toolkit

From expert on-site teams, to digital field services tools, FieldCore offers customers a full spectrum of world-class solutions, talents and technologies to deliver on GE’s total plant capabilities.

Fleet360* Total Plant Service Solutions Applying plant-as-a-system expertise to fulfillment and execution activities.

Digital Field Services Drawing on GE’s digital portfolio and data-driven insights to elevate value across plant operations and the lifecycle of customers’ assets. Through early warnings of potential issues, customers can set maintenance expectations in advance.à‚  GE targets to save customers more than $1 billion over the next 10 years with these technologies.

Cross-Fleet Services ” Delivering highly tailored field service solutions ” spanning more than 90 OEM brands. This cross-fleet portfolio covers inspection services, outage support, repairs, reconditioning and maintenance; we’ve performed ~40% of steam turbine upgrade solutions and 60% of HRSG solutions on cross-fleet equipment. This technology heritage allows us to support non-GE gas and steam turbines, generators, boilers, and balance-of-plant equipment.

Installation & Commissioning Filling the gap between OEM technical direction and general construction contractors for the installation of assets across various plant configurations, including gas, steam and nuclear operations.

Making the impossible possible through world-class execution

In Ethiopia, the Metahara Sugar Factory produces nearly 20% of the country’s sugar. Late last year the roof caved in during a violent thunderstorm destroying electrical panels supplying power to its two Alstom-manufactured steam turbines. Its stoppage left many households, hotels and other commercial enterprises without a drop of sugar.à‚ 

FieldCore and GE’sà‚ Power Services were called to the site in November 2017 and worked together to engineer and execute a solution that within a record time of 20 days successfully repowered the facility, and allowed the factory to resume production. The Deputy Factory Manager said, “This is nothing short of a miracle. We had lost all hope of these units ever coming online again. Some hotels and supermarkets had run out of sugar and it was a critical situation.”

Caesar Okereke, FieldCore’s Service Manager in Nigeria, points out that the key to success was the team: “We challenged the team, worked with them late into the nights, and finally achieved what some thought to be impossible.”

To learn more about how FieldCore can help enhance your plant’s operation, visit FieldCore.com

*Trademark of General Electric Company

A proposal to transfer Power Services field services fulfillment activities and related support functions in Europe to FieldCore and the proposed organization design is being discussed with employee representatives across Europe as appropriate and where required by law before any final decisions are taken. This process is likely to take some months and the proposed transfer to FieldCore to be implemented on a phased country by country basis.