Customers today are mobile and social. To build loyalty and maintain a competitive advantage, utilities must engage with customers using the channels they prefer. Utilities are indeed redefining their customer interactions to understand their customers more deeply than ever before. The ability to analyze energy usage data in real time, along with demographic, behavioral and psychographic data, enables utilities to tailor personalized energy programs and services for their customers. Utilities also need to be able to interact with customers in real time providing the best targeted offers, services and information that address their customers’ needs. To improve customer satisfaction, retention rates, loyalty and their competitive position, utilities need to have a complete view of their customers, including behaviors, interactions and preferences. In both competitive and regulated markets, if utilities monitor and capture customer information from multiple sources such as metering systems, social media, websites, blogs, third-party data and transactional systems, they can deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time and through the right channel. By engaging with customers as individuals, utilities can build customer satisfaction, loyalty and even collaboration. To learn more about why utilities must engage customers as individuals, read the IBM white paper, “The digital customer.”

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