Taking out the hydrocarbons for a cleaner, greener facility

Klargester Environmental Engineering Ltd. of Aylesbury, Bucks, UK, installed a 50,000-liter Bypass Petrol Interceptor as the main system to prevent oil spills along the River Severn from National Power`s Ironbridge Power Station in Shropshire. The coal-fired facility receives fuel by truck and rail so the accumulation of engine oil and other hydrocarbons on road surfaces is a potential high-water-pollution risk, especially during rainy weather when stormwater can drain through the plant drainage system and into the river.

James Lupton Consultants of Leeds selected the Klargester unit from several alternative systems for both its price and “the provision of more comprehensive technical information at the critical stage,” according to a James Lupton spokesman. “Such a large unit was required to treat stormwater from a catchment area of some 100,000 square meters, and, in accordance with National Rivers Authority requirements, the retention chamber provides six minutes of retention for up to 50 mm per hour of rainfall, in order to allow for the efficient separation of hydrocarbon light liquids.”

The interceptor can take flows of up to 1,388 liters per second to effectively retain the separated oil and then discharge the treated water into the underground draining system.

The installation took 10 weeks and was completed by regrading the embankment and planting new trees to maintain the landscaped look of the River Severn.