Taiwan utility awards $15m contract for emissions and performance upgrades

taiwan power company

Taiwan Power Company has awarded a $15 million contract for emissions and performance upgrades at it’s Taichung power plant in Longjing District.

The has been won by Babcock & Wilcox, which will provide its low-NOx combustion technology and an innovative pulverizer system for an upgrade to one unit. Babcock provided four of the plant’s boilers in the 1990s.

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The AireJet burners offer significantly reduced nitrogen oxides levels compared to other low-NOx combustion technology, burning cleaner, with high boiler efficiency and improved plant heat rate, according to the solution provider.

Babcock & Wilcox will convert the existing pulverizer systems on two units from B&W-89 to B&W-92 pulverizers to provide additional fuel grinding capability and efficiency.

The company will also provide DSVS rotating classifiers and associated equipment as part of these pulverizer system upgrades.

Babcock & Wilcox chief executive Jimmy Morgan said his company “has a long and strong relationship with Taiwan Power Company and is pleased to provide this customer with our latest offering in low-NOx burner technology”.

“As the original equipment provider for these units nearly three decades ago, we’re looking forward to bringing new technology solutions to this plant, and to helping our customer continue to generate reliable and affordable power, while also reducing emissions.”

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