Swedish universities, industrials team up for gas turbine R&D

Chalmers University of Technology, The Royal Institute of Technology, and Lund University (all of Sweden) and the industrial companies ABB Stal and Volvo Aero Corp. have signed an agreement forming the Gas Turbine Center (GTC).

The center has a national status and will have an annual turnover of (US)$2.5 million from 1997 on. The Institution for Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics at Chalmers is acting as host for the Center, and Hans Jergeus, Volvo Aero Corp., has been appointed director. The center was officially inaugurated this summer.

The aim of the GTC is to build up a knowledge base on gas-turbine technology to serve as support for the industrial development of future turbines so they can meet the demands for environmental friendliness, high efficiency and low costs.

Its activities will be focused on high-temperature components for turbines. The stated ambition is to develop the knowledge needed to achieve the combination of a turbine inlet temperature of 1,500 C for stationary duty with a pressure ratio of 30:1 and a turbine efficiency of 94 percent, NOx emissions of a maximum of 5 ppmv, and a 30 percent lower cost per kWh than today. The GTC hopes to accomplish this huge task within five years.