Start-up turning food waste into heat and power

Seab Energy has developed a modular digester that convert organic materials ࢀ” like theà‚ 7.2 million tons of food and drink that’s thrown out every year in Great Britain alone ࢀ” into heat and power. reports that the UK Startup has started to sell its system to businesses and institutions, such as fruit packers and the hospitality and agriculture industries,à‚ that have a continuous waste stream, reportedà‚ Forbes contributor Michael Kanellos, who met up with the UK company at the Cleantech Forum this week in San Francisco.

Food waste

Turning trash into electricity is an emerging industry that has produced startups like Seab Energy, Enerkem and Terrabon.

Industry giants like Waste Management and oil refiner Valero also have pursued the idea, often investing in or partnering with companies that have developed technology to turn waste into electricity, gas or other usable products like plastic.

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