Standby power for Kuwaiti oil project

Five diesel generator sets from GE Transportation’s stationary power business will provide standby power for a Kuwait oil company.

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The generator sets were supplied to Petrofac International Limited, a services company to the oil and gas industry based in Sharjah, UAE. The four GE 12V228 diesel gensets, each rated at 2 MW continuous, and one GE 16V228 genset rated at 2.5 MW continuous will be used as part of a major upgrade project at the oil company’s gathering centre.

According to John Manison, manager of GE Marine & Stationary Power, this project marks an expansion into the oil and gas market in the Middle East for GE’s diesel gensets. “These rugged gensets are designed with customer requirements in mind, such as operation in the harsh desert environment where many oil and gas fields are situated,” Manison added.

GE’s distribution partner, Intergen, based in Milan, Italy, packaged the generators for this project. The gensets are due to be installed at the site by the end of the second quarter 2007, with operation expected to follow in late 2007.

GE is now offering its new V250 engine series, which provides customers with increased power output, reliability, fuel-efficiency, and compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 2 emissions standards.

In marine and stationary power applications, the new 250-mm bore, 12 cylinder engine produces 4265 continuous hp/3180 kW at 1050 rpm, 4060 continuous hp/3028 kW at 1000 rpm, and 3655 continuous hp/2726 kW at 900 rpm.

While the 16V250 engine produces 5685 continuous hp/4239 kW at 1050 rpm, 5415 continuous hp/4038 kW at 1000 rpm, and 4870 continuous hp/3632 kW at 900 rpm.

GE’s V228 engines are available in 8V228, 12V228 and 16V228 configurations, for power ranges from 1400 continuous hp/1004 kW to 4500 continuous hp/3,355 kW. These four-stroke, turbo-charged and after-cooled medium-speed diesels are specially designed for demanding applications.

All GE diesels feature high-capacity turbochargers, efficient combustion systems and EFI systems, and are integrated into GE marine and stationary systems to offer high fuel and lube oil efficiency, while meeting strict emissions levels.

Lebanon deal for GE

GE Transportation has provided 30 medium-speed diesel engines to Sakr Power Systems, based in Halat, Lebanon.

The engines will be subsequently sold and packaged into generator sets by Sakr Power Systems for a variety of 50 Hz power generation applications throughout the Middle East region.

The diesel engines sold to Sakr Power Systems are 16V228 engines, built at GE’s state-of-art manufacturing facility in Grove City, PA, USA. Sakr Power Systems will build, install, commission and service all 30 of these gensets.

“GE previously provided Sakr Power Systems with three 16-cylinder engines that are now operating in continuous power service in Middle East desert applications,” said John Manison, manager of GE Transportation’s marine & stationary power business.

According to Sakr Sakr, chairman of Sakr Power Systems, “We will integrate GE’s quality diesel engines with the most reliable components to provide our customers with power generation packages to meet diverse operating conditions in varied and rugged environments.”

Expanding the family

Caterpillar has grown its line of EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II and EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA compliant diesel engines, incorporating ACERT technology for industrial and off-highway applications to include 12 models, covering the range from 62 bkW to 2700 bkW.

The ACERT technology concept revolves around precise control of the combustion cycle accomplished via a systematic approach to air management, electronics, fuel systems and combustion systems. The primary driving force behind the technology is the requirement to meet Tier 3/Stage IIIA in the USA and Europe, respectively, and new and increasingly stringent emission standards in other areas of the world.

But equally important during the ACERT technology development process has been Caterpillar’s internal mandate to achieve this goal with no sacrifice in engine reliability or durability, while delivering improved operating economy and reduced lifecycle cost.

To date, more than 15 000 engines equipped with ACERT technology have been sold by Caterpillar’s Industrial Power Systems, and are now in use in industrial applications and on off-road machines around the world.

Caterpillar’s also offers a two-year warranty on a global basis for its Tier 2 and Tier 3/Stage IIIA compliant industrial diesel engines with ACERT technology. Under the terms of the new warranty, industrial engines are covered for 24 months or 3000 hours, whichever comes first, and for unlimited hours for the first 12 months. A third year of warranty covers five major components: cylinder block casting, cylinder head casting, crankshaft (excluding bearings), camshaft and connecting rods.

Tailored valve in fashion

AMOT claims that it has proven its custom valve solutions capabilities in tailoring a new air intake shut-off valve for the Perkins 4012 and 4016 diesel engines.

The UK-based company required more power from its 4012 engine and decided to upgrade from a bi-turbo charger to a quad-turbo charger arrangement. Preventing potentially destructive run-away caused by hydrocarbon vapours and mechanical failure, the existing engine used two AMOT SpeedTrap 4262M air shut-off valves, with each attached to a turbo-charger by way of a suction line comprising pipes and hoses.

AMOT’s remit was not only to accommodate two turbo chargers per valve, but also to do this in a compact, easy-to-assemble design. The compact design was required to ease serviceability of components around the radiator and ease of assembly was required to improve factory efficiency.

AMOT integrated the 4262M valve components into the existing casting, resulting in a much more compact solution. Now with one special valve feeding two turbochargers there are fewer components for Perkins to purchase and assembly time has been reduced. Importantly, fewer components mean there is more space on top of the engine, which eases and speeds up servicing, since there are fewer parts to disassemble and re-assemble.

Compact AMOT SpeedTrap valves choke off engine intake air to provide effective shutdown in the event of over-speed caused by mechanical failure or intake of hydrocarbon vapours. Standard materials are LM6 aluminium valve body, disc and safety control operator, stainless steel valve shafts and Viton seals handling intake air temperatures up to 70à‚°C.

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