Southland Industries’ Mid-Atlantic division is forming part of a team charged with the design and construction of the Dallas Veterans Administration Medical Center’s 4.6 MW cogeneration energy system.

The $22.8m cogeneration system is estimated to produce approximately 50 per cent of the facility’s annual electricity usage.

The Dallas VA Medical Center is just one of 40 similar cogeneration projects planned for VA Medical Centers located around the US

The cogeneration project will consist of a high pressure, natural gas turbine style generator in which heat from the high temperature turbine exhaust is recovered through a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with a bio-diesel fired duct burner, producing high pressure steam for use in the HVAC and domestic water systems.

Mike McLaughlin, vice president at Southland Industries said, “Firstly, the project provides an opportunity to reduce the overall energy consumption for the VA and save costs long term. Second, the project is sustainable and protects our environment by efficiently producing both heat and power.

Finally, the project directly supports the ongoing care of our veterans and their families on a large, complex medical campus. It’s very exciting to see those three aspects come together into a single project. We’re happy to be part of a great team to make this project a reality.”

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