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Solar develops cold-end-drive generator

Solar develops cold-end-drive generator

US company, Solar Turbines Inc. is introducing the cold-end-drive, single-shaft Taurus 70 industrial gas turbine generator set for cogeneration, combined-cycle and other industrial power generation applications.

The unit incorporates a 15 per cent reduction in length compared to the hot-end-drive configuration. The cold-end-drive unit also increases the compatibility with heat recovery applications.

The Taurus 70 gas turbine generator set will be rated at 7250 kWe for continuous duty at ISO conditions. The first unit will be installed in a district heating plant in Oslaveny, in the Czech Republic.

The unit`s footprint is 11.28m x 2.81 m, and it weighs about 47 800 kg. Controls are mounted on the package skid and include a digital display for monitoring the complete package`s operating parameters.

Designed to meet growing requirements for industrial turbine generators in the 7 MW range, the cold-end drive unit offers the highest thermal efficiency (32.8 per cent), and lowest levels of emissions of any industrial turbine in its class when equipped specifically with SoLoNOx combustion technology.

The Taurus 70 gas turbine generator set has a heat rate of 10 962 kJ/kWeh (10 398 Btu/kWeh). The engine`s 14-stage axial-flow air compressor results in a pressure ratio of 17:1 and has a design speed of 15 200 r/min.

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