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UK-based Cummins Power Generation is now offering the PowerCommand Control on its 30 to 1500 kVA range of engines. PowerCommand Control is an integrated system that controls, monitors and provides diagnostics for the key functions of generating sets. The new control system incorporates what is termed as “smart systems”. These smart systems use electronics and information systems to control both the engine and alternator and provide an integrated generating set with the ability to also undertake a host of other functions.

PowerCommand Control uses microprocessor technology which can communicate with Windows-based software. Its integrated design means that discrete components such as voltage regulators, governors and protective relays are eliminated.

Separate paralleling control devices such as synchronisers and load sharing devices are also not needed.

According to the company, even the traditional circuit breaker can be omitted since built-in control systems offer much faster and more accurate protection.

The fuel and alternator controls are integrated into a digital control system which ramps fuel injection and field excitation. This minimizes frequency and voltage overshoot which in turn reduces black smoke at startup.

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