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Siemens wins large service contract for on-site CHP plant

By Tildy Bayar
Contibuting Editor

Siemens Energy has won a 10-year service and maintenance contract for the 450 MW industrial cogeneration plant that provides electricity and steam for Australia‘s largest magnetite iron ore mining and processing facility.

The CHP plant (pictured) features seven 47 MW Siemens SGT-800 gas turbines, six heat recovery steam generator (HRSGs) à‚ and three 58-MW steam turbines.

It has three blocks, each containing two gas turbines, two HRSGs and one steam turbine in a combined cycle, plus one gas turbine operating separately in open cycle.

CITIC Pacific Mining Management operates the power plant within the Sino Iron project. The plant came on line in 2010.

Siemens’ contract includes preventive maintenance, remote monitoring, parts supply and field service. It is the company’s largest service contract to date for its SGT-800 turbines.

Magnetite requires energy-intensive downstream processing before it can be exported. The plant produces around 40% less carbon emissions during the process than a conventional open-cycle plant, CITIC said.

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