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Siemens Elsam working toward SVC wind-power controls

Siemens` Elsam working toward SVC wind-power controls

Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Group is codeveloping a new electronic control system with three partners for Denmark`s largest wind power plant using GTO-based static var compensator (SVC). This will be the first use of GTO SVC technology in such an application, according to a statement from Siemens.

Together with the Danish utility Elsam, the Technical University of Copenhagen and the University of Manchester, Siemens is researching and developing an electronic system to enable quick and dynamic control of voltage and reactive power.

The system will provide a safe, efficient link between the 40-windmill, 24-MW facility at Rejsby Hede on Denmark`s west coast and the regular power supply network.

The wind-power park, which will be operational this year, is divided between two busbars and will use two SVC-controlled power converters. The two SVCs will incorporate electronic semiconductor circuitry with GTO thyristors.

The GTO SVCs are designed for continuous operation in a dynamic control setting range of 8-MVar reactive and can withstand twice the power range maximum figure for a few seconds. The thyristor-based design also saves space by eliminating the need for capacitors and reactance coils.

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