Natural gas flaring by shale oil and gas drillers in Texas may prompt support for on-site generators.

The Texas Railroad Commission and some oil and gas companies may launch a programme for using natural gas to fire on-site generators, said Commissioner Porter of the Eagle Ford Task Force.

Eagle Ford shale drilling

The Eagle Ford Task Force – which brings together local and industry figures to establish best practice in exploiting Texas’s Eagle Ford Shale formation – is responding to a surge in flaring in the state.

Operators have triggered record figures for flaring permits in Texas as drillers establish first production at sites weeks or months before pipelines arrive to get gas to market.

During a meeting of the state’s Eagle Ford Task Force, Porter said he wants to ensure operators comply fully with the commission’s rules on flaring and venting of gases, according to the Houston Chronicle.

But flaring rules may need to be amended to be in line with the increased production of all shale plays across Texas, he added.

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