School food waste for biogas

Emerald Biogas
Emerald Biogas

A food waste collection and disposal company based in the UK’s County Durham is working with food catering specialists Taylor Shaw to process the leftover food waste from over 200 schools for the production of biogas.

John Warren ABP collects food waste for its subsidiary Emerald Biogas from over 20,000 children for processing at an anaerobic digestion plant in Newton Aycliffe, where it is turned into heat and electrical energy.


Schools across the UK produce 80,000 tonnes of food waste annually, with over 16 kg collected on average in a primary school every day.

Antony Warren, director at John Warren ABP, said: ‘Although everything is done to help reduce the amount of food waste produced in schools, inevitably there will be some leftover food from pupils, teachers and in the school kitchen, which cannot be used in any other way and needs to be disposed of.

‘However, as food waste to landfill is a growing concern, the new partnership with Taylor Shaw will mean that instead of the waste being landfilled or incinerated, it can be used in a much more environmentally-friendly way. Through this innovative solution, by collaborating with Taylor Shaw we can jointly help to create renewable heat, electricity and a bio-fertiliser, all of which is beneficial to the local community and helps towards creating a sustainable circular economy. We are already seeing the impact of the new partnership at the Emerald Biogas AD facility, so it is a great boost for our new business too.’



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