Schlumberger selected for cutting-edge heat management solution

Schlumberger Resource Management Services has been awarded a major contract by leading Swedish energy utility, Birka Energi, for the installation and management of an advanced heat metering system in the nation`s capital. The new system, due to be fully implemented by January 2000, will provide Birka Energi with the advanced data management technology it requires to offer enhanced customer service with maximum cost efficiency in the newly deregulated marketplace.

The contract, valued at about $8.5m (£5.3m), will see Schlumberger supply, install and operate an on-line meter reading system for approximately 370 000 users across Stockholm. Birka Energi distributes approximately 70 per cent of the city`s heating and provides electricity services. Once the system is installed, Schlumberger will be responsible for the collection, consolidation and delivery of energy consumption data to Birka Energi.

Schlumberger has started to replace the existing temperature sensors in each of Birka`s 8000 district heating substations, responsible for the delivery of hot water to 350 000 residential apartments and 20 000 commercial and industrial operations.

The substations will be equipped with the advanced CF50 electronic heat energy calculator units which use high frequency PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology for on-line meter reading and other services, including two-way communications for `real-time` control and tariff adjustment.

When fully operational, the new system will handle both scheduled and on-demand meter reading, as well as reporting functions.

Data from all 8000 substations will be collected in under four hours, using the existing mains supply as the communications channel (PLC) for transferring the data to a central location for analysis and classification. Data will then be automatically forwarded to Birka Energi`s customer information system.

Discussions are underway regarding a second phase project where web-based client services will be added for all operational, query and administration functions.