Relay and Profibus merged

    Moeller is combining its range of Easy control relays with the Profibus solution to deliver additional service to disseminating control function away from the central system.

    Profibus DP (Decentral Periphery) has been designed especially for communication between automation control systems and distributed I/O at the device level. Profibus DP can transfer large amounts of data ” up to 128 bytes can be transmitted per station with a maximum of 126 stations at a distance of up to 1200 m.

    Moeller delivers flexibility with the Easy control relay and Profibus
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    When combined with the Easy204DP bus module, the Easy control relay allows the user to gain access to the complete Easy parameter set simply via the bus.

    UPS offers server protection

    The rackmount uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system from I-Bus/Phoenix has been developed to provide several levels of power protection for multiple servers, safeguarding against blackouts, voltage fluctuations and electrical noise.

    The UPS system protects high-availability servers and software
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    The UPS systems feature ANSI C62.41 CAT B power surge protection, EMI/RFI filtering against electrical noise and automatic voltage regulation to protect servers from brownouts and surges without going to battery. During power cuts, automatic power transfer to battery ensures that mission critical server operations are protected.

    All the systems support Windows 95/98/ME/NT, with UNIX and LINUX software.

    Siemens lights up Shuweihat project

    The Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) is supplying and installing lighting, communications equipment and a clock system for Abu Dhabi’s 1500 MW combined cycle power plant named Shuweihat. The total installation cost is set at $3.5m.

    The interior and exterior lighting will have 2000 points and a Hicom 300H communication system with around 200 telephones.

    The plant, which will be split into several stages and will eventually reach 5000 MW, will be equipped with a paging system to which 140 loudspeakers will be connected. The clock system, made up of 80 satellite-controlled clocks, will synchronize time in all parts of the power plant, which will need around 120 km of cable.

    VA Tech T&D lands €15m UK contract

    VA Tech Peebles Transformers, a subsidiary of the VA Tech Transmission & Distribution group, has signed a g15 million supply contract with National Grid of the UK, to provide 400 kV autotransformers to various sites.

    The autotransformers, rated at 240 MVA, 400/132 kV and 276 MVA, 400/132 kV, will be manufactured in the recently opened Peebles facility, located within the Port of Leith, Edinburgh. This state-of-the-art factory is ideally suited for the safe storage and rapid deployment of large power transformer equipment.

    The contract will continue to 2005 and also includes the option for the supply of strategic spares.

    Metalock rejuvenates Czech compressor

    Metalock Engineering has remachined two rows of stator blade dovetail slots to extend the life of the compressor discharge casing of a 160 MW gas turbine plant called Sokolovska Uhelna ” 100 km north of Prague

    The loosening of the blades was caused by vibration due to compressor stalling resulting from the machines operating at reduced load for prolonged periods. Wood Group Heavy Industrial Turbines subcontracted Metalock to carry out the weld repairs to slots E1 and E2 and in-situ machine them to restore the original dimensions. Wood Group HIT had never worked on a project of this size with slots of 1.5 m diameter and 50 mm wide, and so contacted Metalock.

    Metalok’s expertise extended the life of gas turbine equipment at the Sokolovska plant
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    Metalock used its heavy-duty boring units, which were used to support the horizontal joint face of the casing bearing either side of the E1 and E2 grooves.

    Conax introduces sealing gland for high voltage electrodes

    Conax Buffalo announces a new single-electrode sealing gland to allow high-current electrical power feedthrough at high voltages to process enclosures and other vessels.

    The equipment is suited for use in vacuum chambers and for applications involving gas or non-conductive fluids at low pressure where electrical supplies are needed to power internal equipment, typically heater elements, transformers or motors.

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    A single-piece, Teflon, combined insulator and sealant is mounted in a stainless steel body (AISI grade 316L), which may be used in the temperature range -185à‚°C to +232à‚°C and is rated for currents up to 525 A at 8 kV DC max.

    The electrical conductor is a 25 mm diameter copper electrode and is fitted with two nuts and washers at each end for the attachment of ring tongue, spade or lug-type terminals. EGT1000 glands are supplied for installation with the electrode mounted in the gland body and insulator. Assemblies are pre-torqued for efficient sealing but are also available untorqued, without electrodes, when it is required to replace standard conductors with tubes, probes or sensors of equivalent diameter.

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