Private power project for Mauritius

The government of Mauritius has commissioned a feasibility study into the development of a private power project for the island nation. It has selected US firm K&M Engineering and Consulting (K&M) to structure the technical, commercial and financial components of a proposed project which will be an international competitively-bid independent power project.

K&M, together with Kuljian Corporation and Servansingh Jadav & Partners, are scheduled to complete the feasibility study by the third quarter of 1999. It will allow the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Central Electricity Board to determine location, technology, size, fuel source and transmission requirements. The study will be financed by the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).

K&M believes that Mauritius` investment environment is very stable. It has an expanding industrial and service base and consequently electricity demand is growing at around eight per cent per annum. The proposed plant will inevitably help the country to meet this growing demand, and has a primary first phase target completion date of 2003.