Philippine Meralco, Napocor Eye Elec Rate Cut for Big Companies

July 26 2002 – Philippine Energy Secretary Vincent Perez said late Thursday state utility National Power Corp. and Manila Electric Co. are considering granting 15 per cent-20 per cent discounts to large electricity users under a pricing incentive programme.

Perez said the proposed discount rate was raised from the original proposal of five per cent during a meeting Wednesday between the two companies on a pricing incentive scheme for industrial consumers.

“We felt that five per cent is not enough,” he said. National Power, or Napocor, is willing to commit more than a three-month implementation of the proposed incentive program, said Perez, who is also vice-chairman of the state utility.

Manila Electric, or Meralco, which is the country’s largest power distributor, is open to marketing the planned incentive scheme “aggressively at a lower margin.”

Perez earlier directed both Meralco and Napocor to draw up an incentive scheme to encourage the use of excess power at less cost to benefit large electricity users.

He said the incentive scheme will be available to industries in Manila consuming 1 MW or more a month, but the threshold may be lowered to 500 kW by October to allow relatively smaller industrial firms to be granted the price discounts.

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