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Daya Bay awaits new guide tubes

China`s Daya Bay nuclear power station, which closed down in April due to design problems, is back on line and operating at full power. Framatome, the manufacturer of the troublesome guide tubes, fitted both units at the site with extra guide tubes. The next step in correcting the problem calls for Framatome to replace all the guide tubes in both reactors.

MSR retrofit to boost power for Kori units

Korean Electric Power Corp. has issued a contract to US-based Senior Engineering Co. for the redesign and in-situ reconstruction of four moisture-separator reheaters (MSR) for its 900-MW units 3 and 4 at the Kori Nuclear Power Plant near Pusan. With this project, Senior will have reconstructed MSRs on all four Kori units, which produce 3,000 MW of electric power.

Westinghouse, Pilgrim tighten down bolt accord

Westinghouse Electric Corp., USA, and Pilgrim International, UK, have signed a technical assistance agreement to develop sales of the Pilgrim radial fit coupling bolts to Westinghouse turbine users.

Coastal, CDC buy Dominican project

Coastal Power International Ltd., USA, and London-based Commonwealth Development Corp. (CDC) have purchased the stock of Compañia de Electricidad de Puerto Plata S.A., a Dominican Republic corporation that owns a 66-MW, heavy fuel oil-fired power project in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The project includes a 16-MW land-based unit commissioned in 1991 and a 50-MW barge unit commissioned in May 1994. Power generated is sold under long-term contract to the Dominican national utility.

Moodys reviewing UK RECs for rating drop

Moody`s Investors Service has announced that all long-term debt ratings of the UK regional electricity-distribution companies (RECs) have been placed on review for possible downgrade. Credit pressure is continuing to build in the REC sector due to regulatory issues, changes of ownership and takeovers, defensive restructuring measures, the expected National Grid Co. merger and threat of retrospective taxation.

The unit coordinator

Leitenberger said that the Al Taweelah B plant?s control room is referred to as the Oopera hallO and when completed will be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. The Al Taweelah B power and desalination plant is designed for automatic startup and shutdown. The hierarchal structure of the control system is divided into different levels: boiler, turbine and desalination coordinators; function groups, subgroups; and individual drives.


Replace separate control relays, switches, timers, thermal overloads, protection devices and reduce wiring in low-voltage motor control centers (MCCs) with the Motor Manager II MCC controller. It allows customers to integrate process control, protection and instrumentation with a single device that communicates with most PLC/DCS systems. It is also available with a free setup and monitoring program that runs on a PC.

Document system

Composed of four products, the Engineering Document System is based on advanced digital document-processing technologies and a modular architecture that enables customers to accelerate the movement of mission-critical documents. The Virtual Printroom is networked software designed to transform all of a company`s document capture and printing devices into a single, effective document distribution system. Xerox ES150 is composed of three modules that together offer a digital system capable of cop

Daya Bay Unit 2 restarted, Unit 1 still failing safety tests

In the continuing saga of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant control rods, Unit 1 continues to fail safety tests, but Unit 2 has been restarted. Unit 2 went on line on May 20, completing its annual refueling outage. During the outage, eight additional control rods were added to its original 53. The control rods regulate the power level of the reactor. "This will further ensure that the reactor can be shutdown, if needed, well within the safety requirements," said Dominique D?got, Framatome Interna

Leak detector

A nine-pound portable helium leak detector, the HeliTest(TM) provides rapid purging and setup ease that permits checking a 10,000-tube condenser in half the time of previous methods. It can pinpoint in one minute or less a remedying air in-leakage, a leaking valve or flange. Unit can detect leaks as small as 2 ppm and indicate them visually and with sound. A pump brings the gas to be tested to a small quartz membrane that is heated to a temperature that makes it permeable only to helium. Helium

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