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Hydra-Co and partners developing private diesel facility in Jamaica

A 60-MW slow-speed diesel generating facility, to be located in Kingston, Jamaica, will be developed by Hydra-Co Enterprises Inc. and its development partners International Energy Partners and US Energy Corp., both of Bethesda, Md., USA, and Precursor Systems Inc., Reno, Nev., USA.

Motor heads

The natural field orientation (NFO) is a chip that controls the AC induction motor. The NFO uses advanced mathematical equations and measured electrical circuit parameters values to control the motor.

Eskom reaps returns on DPI investment

Eskom, Africa`s largest power generating corporation, has eliminated costly voltage dips, which were once an ongoing problem, through a system-wide dip-proofing project.

Radiation protection shield

The flexible, reduced weight radiation protection system, Radishield, protects workers from many radiation sources and reduces weight by as much as 50 percent. The laminated, elastomeric lead system`s sheets measure 36 inches by 12 inches by 0.354 inches and 36 inches by 3 inches by 0.354 inches and are flame retardant, water proof and crack resistant. They work at temperatures between -122 F and 392 F. The radishield, manufactured in various sizes and shapes, is draped over or wrapped around pu

Temperature indicator

Irreversible Temp-Plate(TM) heat sensitive indicators can be custom-made for unique maintenance, operational and quality-assurance applications. Customer can select size, shape, temperature range, number of sensors, color and labeling. They are available in miniature size--as small as 0.19-inch diameter and 0.01 inch thick--to allow easy installation. The decals have a calibrated accuracy of plus or minus1 percent from 80 F to 1,100 F and are traceable to national standards.

Dual-channel control

The Series 988D vertical 1/8 DIN dual channel process control and the horizontal 1/8 DIN Series 989D offer two channels of PID control in a single package. With up to six outputs, the control is designed to handle most applications where multiple processes need to be controlled. Two analog inputs accept 11 different thermocouple types, RTD and scaleable process inputs. The system`s single event input allows the operator to reset an alarm remotely, turn control outputs off, or lock out the front

Dorman Diesels wins German Telekom contracts

Dorman Diesels Ltd. has garnered three German Telekom contracts for power generation engines in Stuttgart, Frieburg and Magdeburg, with a combined order value of more than (US)$647,000. Dorman was in competition with traditional German manufacturers for the contracts, which required ISO 9001 Quality Assurance registration and demonstration of technological advances. The engines chosen exceeded TA-LUFT emissions regulations.

Auxiliary relay

A compact auxiliary relay is available to contact multiplication in protection and control environments with instantaneous and time delayed auxiliary functions. The plug-in rapid wire integrated multi-mount auxiliary (PRIMA) consists of a relay and socket and a range of mounting options and three types of terminal for wiring flexibility.

Martensitic stainless steel

The ARCLOK 1000 is a high-strength, martensitic stainless steel. It has a minimum yield strength of 950 MPa and three times the resistance to both cavitation and erosion of conventional martensitic stainless steels. The new steel is lighter in weight and offers increased fatigue strength.

Opacity monitor

The EMS 1301 double pass opacity monitor uses an advanced multi-lens transceiver with electronically modulated lamp and photopic response. EMS 1301 is used to measure small intermittent source boilers or very large continuous source boilers or precipitators. Product is economically priced for use in applications that require accuracy, dependability and simplicity without high cost.

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