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Power International negotiates agreement in Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan has signed an exclusive agreement with Power International, a subsidiary of US-based CINergy, to develop and implement privatization programs for the Republic`s power industry. The goal of the agreement is to provide the republic with reliable, economic and environmentally clean electric power to support economic growth into the next century, according to Michael Mallinen, Power International managing director.

Conditioning equipment

The Alcap system gets rid of the gravity disc and allows the nature of the incoming oil to vary without manual adjustment. The water transducer, installed in the Alcap`s clean oil outlet, measures the capacitive reactance of the clean oil leaving the separator and senses changes in the water content. The signal from the water transducer is transmitted to and interpreted by the control unit.

Westinghouse, Shanghai Electric forge joint venture agreement.

U.S.-based Westinghouse and Shanghai Electric Corp., a leading Chinese manufacturer, have signed a joint venture agreement, extending Shanghai`s licensing agreement for Westinghouse`s power generation technology. Shanghai Electric`s Turbine Generator Works holds 30 percent of China`s growing power generation market, which is expected to place more than 200 GW of new equipment orders in the next decade.

Torque wrench (301nps01-G)

The hydratight hydraulic torque wrench tools provide fast on-site cassette changes. The tool`s design reduces the number and sizes of the special fasteners holding the tools together. Three screws in two sizes are employed. The wrenches are manufactured in direct fit or square drive design and offer a range of impact sockets.


The 20-inch design EHT valve, 23,500 pounds, includes 7-inch thick, ANSI Class 1,500 raised face flanges. The valve controls the natural gas flow. The valve body and bonnet, made of low-carbon steel, received radiographic and magnetic particle testing.

Energy software

PE-Producing Energy software, version 1.5, includes language options, enhanced calculations and more in PC and Mac-intosh versions. The software examines and compares different energy production in locations around the world, taking into account economical and ecological effects. Producing Energy uses animation and graphical presentations to take the user through each step of power production, covering coal, gas, nuclear, solar, wind and hydropower plants.

Turbine control (301nps01-f)

The NetCon /C control integrates all components into a single cabinet. It is available in three configurations. The hardware within each configuration remains fixed while the software changes. The NetCon /C cabinet includes fuel control, sequencing, monitoring, overspeed detection, flame detection, ground fault detection, operator interface, interposing relays, power supplies and terminal blocks for field wiring. The frame version also includes vibration monitoring. The fuel control software sp

Hydra-Co and partners developing private diesel facility in Jamaica

A 60-MW slow-speed diesel generating facility, to be located in Kingston, Jamaica, will be developed by Hydra-Co Enterprises Inc. and its development partners International Energy Partners and US Energy Corp., both of Bethesda, Md., USA, and Precursor Systems Inc., Reno, Nev., USA.

Motor heads

The natural field orientation (NFO) is a chip that controls the AC induction motor. The NFO uses advanced mathematical equations and measured electrical circuit parameters values to control the motor.

Radiation protection shield

The flexible, reduced weight radiation protection system, Radishield, protects workers from many radiation sources and reduces weight by as much as 50 percent. The laminated, elastomeric lead system`s sheets measure 36 inches by 12 inches by 0.354 inches and 36 inches by 3 inches by 0.354 inches and are flame retardant, water proof and crack resistant. They work at temperatures between -122 F and 392 F. The radishield, manufactured in various sizes and shapes, is draped over or wrapped around pu

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