The latest news, project announcements, reports, policy, legislation concerning electricity generation across global power and energy sectors, focusing on renewable energy news, fossil fuel, natural gas, hydrogen, clean energy, nuclear power and energy storage. This news will include digitalisation projects and smart grid developments in the power generation space.

Ovation control

Ovation control and information technology is the first system designed for real-time mission critical applications that incorporates mainstream, open computing platforms and standards-based networking across the board. Ovation eliminates proprietary operating schemes and vendor-specific hardware platforms associated with conventional distributed control systems. It brings true computing to the plant control environment while maintaining absolute process security.

Power industry publication

The Electric Power Industry Outlook Atlas sets a new standard as a reliable and essential resource for all aspects of the electric power industry. The comprehensive industry analyses and market forecasts are backed by relevant data presented in more than 200 charts and tables. These statistical graphics are packed full of historic, current and projected electric power data. The world atlas has 32 pages of four-color maps featuring power plants and major transmission lines. Country-by-country sta

Hungarian sales planned in 1997

Judit Csiha, Hungary`s privatization minister, stated that the country would be pleased to see both British and overseas investors bidding in the privatization of Magyar Villamos Muvek, the national electric utility. German and French investors hold stakes in the nation`s distribution firms and British, Belgian and Italian firms hold stakes in the generation area. Csiha said several large industrial and transport companies and banks will be privatized in 1997 with a goal of raising approximately


Two new valves have been introduced to the power industry. The nozzle check valves eliminate water hammer and reverse flow when a quick acting, self-damping valve is required. Smooth contoured flow passages provide low-pressure drop and stability at all flow rates. The nozzle valve line includes sizes from 2 inches to 48 inches in American National Standards Institute classes 150 to 2,500. The ball screw stems, an option for parallel slide gate valves, improve actuator efficiency. By using ball

US_Israeli group testing solar plant

McDonnell Douglas and Israel`s Ormat Industries Ltd., Rotem Industries Ltd. and the Weizmann Institute of Science have been awarded (US)$5.3 million by the U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Commission to jointly demonstrate the commercial feasibility of an advanced solar-power plant capable of generating from hundreds of kilowatts to tens of megawatts of power.

People and Personnel

Michael B. Bemis has been appointed to London Electricity plc`s board of directors and been named CEO of the company. Bemis is also Entergy`s executive vice president of International Retail Operations. Three other board appointments for London Electricity have been announced: Ed Lupberger, board chairman, and Gerald McInvale and Terry Ogletree, directors.


A new website has been created where people in the power industry can find TUBA`s worldwide power plant operation cycle. Features on the website will include descriptions of how the power plant operator circle works, communication between industry people and power plant operators of the same or different power plants as well as other information. On this website a person will be able to descibe, ask and receive questions. TUBA will also select, collect and manage other information such as the ex

Taiwan plans 4,000 MW plant

Taiwan Power Co. has announced plans to build a 4,000 MW liquefied natural gas (LNG) power plant during the next nine years. It will be sited near northern Taoyuan. The proposed complex will have 10 to 12 LNG-fired generating units when completed.

Pakistan awaits Ghazi hydropower

In five years, Pakistan will have an additional 1,450 MW of electric power from the massive Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project, now under way, according to Binnie Black & Veatch. Sited on the Indus River in northwest Pakistan, the project includes:

Kempten WTE up and running

Martin GmbH has handed over the Kempten residual waste-to-energy plant to ZAK Energie GmbH after 32 months of construction and eight weeks of trial running. The plant will allow ZAK to dispose of its yearly production of residual waste. The facility has a thermal treatment capacity of 60,000 metric tons per year. The plant will supply power to about 11,000 households and long-distance heating to another 5,000 households.

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