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Daya Bay Unit 2 restarted, Unit 1 still failing safety tests

In the continuing saga of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant control rods, Unit 1 continues to fail safety tests, but Unit 2 has been restarted. Unit 2 went on line on May 20, completing its annual refueling outage. During the outage, eight additional control rods were added to its original 53. The control rods regulate the power level of the reactor. "This will further ensure that the reactor can be shutdown, if needed, well within the safety requirements," said Dominique D?got, Framatome Interna

Victoria selling state system

Victoria hopes to raise at least (US)$6.6 billion by selling the state`s electricity system. The sale is potentially Australia`s largest privatization program. The first of five newly formed electricity distribution companies is expected to be sold this year and at least one of the five Latrobe Valley generators, according to reports in London`s Financial Times. "The whole objective is to raise sufficient money to pay off the entire debt of the old State Electricity Commission," said Jeff Kennet

Komorany update

Power International, a subsidiary of CINergy, also recently completed phase one of the (US)$100 million retrofit of the Komorany power plant in the Czech Republic. The project will convert the 927-MWt privately-owned cogeneration plant, in phases, to an atmospheric, bubbling, fluidized bed combustion system with ash reinjection. The retrofit will reduce emissions by approximately 90 percent.

ScottishPower reports revenue rise

ScottishPower, a UK electric utility, reports revenues of (US)$1.16 billion for the six-month period ending Sept. 30, 1994, up 9.6 percent from the same period a year previous. The jump is attributed mainly to increased retail sales, following the purchase of 50 superstores. Revenues in the utility`s electricity business rose 3.4 percent, and operating profit rose 6.2 percent.

Power International negotiates agreement in Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan has signed an exclusive agreement with Power International, a subsidiary of US-based CINergy, to develop and implement privatization programs for the Republic`s power industry. The goal of the agreement is to provide the republic with reliable, economic and environmentally clean electric power to support economic growth into the next century, according to Michael Mallinen, Power International managing director.

Condition monitoring

Early signal change detection, alarm/trip handling, database storage/compression, and analysis and diagnosis capability is provided by the COMPASS system. System functions include multiplexed tacho input, externally triggered measurements, remote monitoring capability, modbus interface, enhanced adaptive monitoring and advanced data collector.

Generator engines

A mechanically injected, modular unit, the 24V-71TA engine is rated for standby power sets of 900 kWe and 1,000 kWe at 60 Hz and for prime power sets of up to 1,000 KVa at 50 Hz. The 20V-149TIB engine is suitable for 1,750 kWe standby application at 60 Hz. Both models use a modular assembly concept which provides proven components; interchangeable common parts with other engine configurations of the same series; service technicians use existing tools to maintain the engine; and lower rebuild cos

Hydraulic turbine equipment

Hydraulic turbine equipment and systems for hydro power generation facilities are designed by Energy & Process Corp. Its engineering capabilities include system design and engineering of Francis, Pelton and Kaplan type turbines including electrical generation.


The Model CLD 70-E NOx analyzer measures total oxides of nitrogen. The 70-E address the needs of more than 90 percent of the emission/process applications for direct extractive measurement of NOx. High resolution enables the unit?s use in many dilution probe applications where the NOx values are relatively low in concentration. The unit includes a chemiluminescent detector, ozone generator and NO/NO2 converter.

Collar ram

Locking collar rams are available in capacities ranging from 55 tons to 565 tons. Stroke lengths varying from 2 inches to 13 inches are offered for all tonnages. The locking collar provides a mechanical support for a lifted load. Rams feature a 3-to-1 safety factor on the locking collar and piston rod threads.

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