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Ontario update on saveONenergy programme

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has released an update on its saveONenergy retrofit programme that provides financial incentives for Ontario businesses to reduce energy used by in buildings, including HVAC and power usage.

Eligible companies can receive financial incentives worth up to 50% of project costs towards modernising current systems with high-efficiency equipment. Examples of the programme updates include increased incentives of up to C$2000 (US$1784) to install high volume low speed fans and up to C$187 per high efficiency exhaust fan installed.

Among the incentives available, for commercial HVAC system upgrades, hotels which install suite occupancy controls for HVAC and lighting systems can receive up to C$67 per controller, while upgrading motors on HVAC fans will receive up to C$0.10 per cubic foot of rated fan capacity.

Incentives to reduce power demand for commercial refrigeration systems include installing Energy Star rated freezers and receive up to C$672 per freezer while ENERGY STAR refrigerators receive up to $121 each.

Incentives have also been increased for most agricultural focused incentives.

The saveONenergy FOR BUSINESS programmes were developed collaboratively by Ontario’s local electric utility companies and the OPA to provide businesses with substantial financial incentives to encourage the replacement of existing equipment with energy-efficient equipment and new control systems.

‘These financial incentives strengthen the business case for companies to upgrade or replace equipment with more energy efficient options. We expanded the program to help move energy efficiency projects higher on the list of priorities for Ontario businesses,’ said Andrew Pride, OPA vice president of conservation.