On-site renewables deal for Pakistan

Rame Energy plc’s Pakistan based subsidiary, Beco Ltd, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Vital Tech Engineering & Services (Pte) Limited for the provision of off-grid, renewable energy-based, power supply systems for a variety of applications.

Under the terms of the deal, VTE will then install and maintain the technology, with a two-year exclusivity on rights to the resale and on-going maintenance of such systems in Pakistan.

à‚ VTE is a subsidiary of FBL Group – a group of companies dealing in industrial engineering, thermal power, waste heat recovery boilers, steam boilers, fabrication and installation.à‚ Its clients are primarily in industrials and telecommunication and it therefore has access to the diesel displacement market in the telecoms and agricultural sectors in Pakistan.

à‚ Nigel Brunton-Reed, Managing Director of Beco Ltd, commented: ‘The MoU represents a significant opportunity to deploy our expertise in off-grid renewable energy-based power systems into Pakistan.à‚  This agreement with VTE gives us immediate access to a large potential customer base where our proven technology can provide significant benefits.’

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