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Off-grid diesel hybrid PV plant ‘first’ for South African mining

Solea Renewables Pty Limited recently completed and commissioned a 1 MW ground-mounted, diesel/photovoltaic (PV) hybrid power plant for industrial mining applications.

It marks Solea Renewables, which is a Johannesburg-based PV engineering, procurement and construction contractor and a subsidiary of Germany’s Solea AG, first installation in South African mining sector

The decentralized 1 MW DC hybrid PV system was planned and installed for Cronimet Energy South Africa (Pty) Limited to fuel to power its daytime chromium ore operations chromium ore operations via a decentralised grid-independent power supply.

The 1 MW PV plant will deliver approximately 1.8 GWh of electricity per year, thereby enabling a reduction in daytime diesel consumption and to provide the mining company with a long-term hedge against rising diesel costs.

The fully integrated PV plant’s racking system was planned with 63 tables, each with 66 panels mounted in three vertically mounted PV panel rows angled at 25à‚° north.

Atotal of 4170 JinkoSolar JKM240P-60 polycrystalline PV panels were installed, along with 63 three-phase decentralized SMA 17000TL inverters, each with a nominal AC power rating of 17kVA.

The PV system was designed around the mine’s existing primary diesel island mode power infrastructure and synchronized to the two existing 800 kVa diesel gensets by using SMA’s Fuel Save Controller software, which monitors and regulates the diesel gensets’ output in real-time with the PV plant’s output.

The software computes the maximum amount of PV power that the island mode system can safely consume to ensure stability of the supply and the most effective use of the PV power.

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