NORIT Americas signs agreement to jointly develop mercury control market for coal-fired utilities

March 18, 2002 — NORIT Americas Inc. and ADA-Environmental Solutions have entered into a market development agreement to jointly pursue the market for equipment and adsorbents to remove mercury from coal-fired boilers.

The agreement stems from the announcement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate mercury emissions from the nation’s coal-fired power plants in the electronic power industry. Reports from the Department of Energy estimate, that once the regulations are fully implemented, this will become a $2 to $5 billion per year market.

“The goal of the alliance is to jointly develop mercury control adsorbents designed to maximize removal efficiency and minimize costs. ADA-ES has over 25 years experience introducing new commercial technologies into the power industry”, says VP of Sales & Marketing John Wurster.

Bob Thomas, Business Manager Environmental, said, “NORIT already provides powdered activated carbon and dosing systems for removing mercury from flue gas generated from the combustion of municipal and medical solid waste and hazardous waste. This agreement provides a long-term means for both ADA-ES and NORIT to benefit from potential sales of equipment and to participate in the development of adsorbents for this emerging and potentially large mercury control market”.

Tests show that mercury can be removed at rates between 80 to 85 percent when powdered activated carbon is injected into the existing baghouse ash collection system. Dr. Michael Durham, president of ADA-ES, said, “These results are exciting because our company has been working for almost ten years to develop this process and this first full-scale test confirms the technology’s potential. The next three test sites will help determine the feasibility of powdered activated carbon injection technology for wide-spread use on coal-fired boilers impacted by proposed EPA regulations.”

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