The state of New York has proved to be consistent in backing solar photovoltaic installations. This time the authority has added to previous programs by allocating another $107m in grants for solar pv installations, and also increased the monthly funding for small solar projects..

The IB Times reports that the latest program, NY-Sun Competitive PV, supports proposals for solar systems at least 50 kilowatts (KW) in capacity. It will make $36.4m available in 2012, followed by another $70.5m in 2013. Qualifying projects require co-funding, and the potential amount in state funds that any given developer can receive is $3m per project.

Andrew Cuomo

The expansion also expands the territories eligible for solar project funding to include upstate New York. The first phase covered New York City, Westchester County and the lower Hudson Valley.

New York state also has boosted monthly funding levels under a related program for smaller solar installations to $3.5 million per month from the previous $2 million. Next year, the small-solar program will be funded at a rate of $3.1 million per month. The offer applies to systems with a generating capacity of up to 7 KW for residential sites and 50 KW for non-residential sites.

Both programs fall under NY-Sun Initiative, with a goal of doubling customer-installed solar projects annually in the state.

“The NY-Sun program has helped establish New York State as a leader in solar power, and these investments in photovoltaic systems will allow businesses and municipalities to put in place green, cost-effective electric generating installations,” says New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

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