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New micro-trigen models announced

Houston, Texas-based M-Trigen, a manufacturer of micro-trigeneration systems, has announced the addition of three new models to its product range.

The company says its new PowerAire models use R-410A refrigerants and offer a gas heat pump option.à‚ 

M-TriGen founder and CEO Donald Williams said: ‘These new features go a long way to round out a full set of product options. The R-410A refrigerant is prevalent in most homes in the US. It also allows our distributors to avoid working with multiple refrigerants. And gas heat pumps add great efficiency since they use 0-10% of the electricity of comparable electric heat pumps. This enables our customer to save significantly on their electric bills and to reduce peak load power requirements.’

The micro-trigen systems are designed for residential, commercial, light industrial, military and government applications, M-Trigen says.à‚