The University of California, San Diego is set to top the US university league table for on-site solar power when it completes its latest installation.

The University’s newest solar array is integral to a strategy of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

Sullivan Solar Power commenced work on the university’s newest solar PV project on June 21. The 763-kilowatt installation on the Mayer Hall facility is expected to save the state university more than $2m over the next 20 years.

UC San Diego

The university has several other renewable and clean onsite electricity generation installations, including a 30 MW natural-gas-powered cogeneration heat and power system that provides 85 per cent of the campus’ electricity needs.

The school already has more than 2 MW of solar electricity generation and a 300-kilowatt solar water heating system and a 2.8 MW fuel cell that turns waste methane gas from a nearby water treatment facility into electricity.

The school is also home to the Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting Laboratory, which is doing research to determine the best locations for solar power around the world and on smaller scales. Its research also aims to help utility companies and solar developers better manage the intermittency of solar.

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