Multi-use imager combines real and thermal images

Land Infrared has developed the FTI 6 Thermal Imager – an on-line system that can also be transported around the plant for short-term temperature monitoring duties. Featuring a measurement range of -20 to 2000 degrees C it has been purpose-designed for real-time thermal imaging of process plant, products during manufacture, buildings and electric installations.

A comprehensive range of environmental and mounting accessories provide protection even in the most hostile of environments. Sealed inside a cast aluminium housing, the FTI 6 uses the latest focal plane array detector technology combined with unique electronic engineering to produce a highly stable 256 x 256 thermal image with accurate radiometric measurement. It also features an integral video camera so that conventional and thermal images can be viewed – separately or in combination.

The FTI 6 can be remotely controlled through a digital communication link from a PC, or by an optional remote keypad, used in conjunction with a monitor. In both scenarios up to 16 thermal imagers can be handled simultaneously. Image file management includes a print facility, and full colour image processing offers a choice of five palettes, zoom and noise filtering.

The spectrum of applications include checking the condition of steel ladle linings, confirming the integrity of manufacturing processes, quality control of all kinds of products from heat exchangers to X-ray film, surveillance of highly combustible materials during storage, and monitoring waste disposal sites for underground fires.