Modular steam turbines

Blohm + Voss Industritechnik GmbH (B+VI) recently introduced a new line of steam turbines called MARC (Modular Arrangement Concept). The turbogenerator has a modular construction concept for the turbogenerator – the modules being: turbine; gearbox/generator; lubricating oil system; control oil system; and measuring and control system.

Although the turbine has the proven reaction design, the application of modules for the combined cast/welded outer casing is new. Four modules cover the power range from 3-35 MW. All usual demands for bleedings and extractions can be fulfilled with minimal design and model changes.

A special feature is the gearbox/generator module which has a direct connection between an epicyclic gearbox and generator.

This avoids the usual offset by the helical gearbox, thus facilitating the alignment. A coupling and the high speed gear bearings are also eliminated. This helps improve plant efficiency.

The lubricating oil system is a separately arranged LP oil system. The standard equipment contains all necessary components and can be adapted to customers` specific requirements. The HP oil system (160 bar) is also a compact module which can be arranged at any position in the plant.

The Triconix system TS 1500 is used for the turbine governor as well as the complete supervision of the turbine (including vibration control) and the generator (including protection and synchronizing equipment).

The new concept allows the use of complete oil system modules for the lubricating oil and control oil systems. The oil system module and the supervision module can be arranged at any position in the plant.

The modular concept is said to offer the customer distinct advantages. These include space saving, a flexible arrangement, and low investment costs at highest efficiency.